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I am a 57 year old athlete. I log over 200 miles a month up and down hills using trekking poles. I have had three knee surgeries, major back surgery and a hip replacement. I recently slipped off a wet deck fell eight feet along with the obvious cuts and bruises I dislocated my shoulder and broke my wrist which required surgery to repair. Looking for the fastest way to recover I bought a tens machine from a local store to use while I searched for a real tens/ems machine. Talking to a friend he told me he had an RX 2000, he shipped it to me I used it found it awesome and immediately went to the Stim RX website. I called the number and Gary answered. Probably the most genuine individual I ever talked to about purchasing a product. It was a Saturday, Gary stayed on the phone discussed my needs with me and recommended the Power Stim 15 R. I received the machine in three days. This machine is AWESOME. I read the manual and set everything to rehab my shoulder, to my amazement it actually popped my shoulder in place and with frequency adjustments worked my shoulder out and relieved my pain. I'm new to this machine but not to tens/ems training. When my rehab is complete I will be using this machine to relieve my normal workout aches and pains but I will also use it for muscle training because this machine has the power to work you out. Now I can stay toned without jarring my joints so much. Gary thanks for your professionalism, honest attitude and dedication to customer service.

David Ribar, Service Delivery Manager Branch Office 499 Northern Virginia / Western Maryland / Southern Pennsylvannia / Northern West Virginia ESD - Z series, P series, I series, X series, Alliance, Storage

Phone: 410-332-2666 T/L 233-2666

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I have been using the Power Stim 15R for about 7 to 8 years now, I originally got it to rehab my knee and once that got better I started using it in conjunction with my training routine and since have seen great results in the separation of my muscles as well as strength and size. As a Personal Trainer it has helped me so much with my personal goals and has to be one of the best things I've ever invested in, and is something I will continue to use for the rest of my life.

I honestly couldn’t say enough good things about StimRx.com and the Power Stim 15R I love using it, I love the way it feels and I use it almost every day. StimRx.com is great to deal with and they have amazing customer service, thanks to them and their unbelievable lifetime warranty I’m getting a brand new updated model of the Power Stim 15R after mine had burnt out. I can't wait to see how my body responds to a longer stim time.

Matt Brown


I am extremely satisfied with my StimRX model 15R. I lift weighs & use this device to enhance my performance & muscle development.

My history: 1997 October I was 425lbs way too heavy. I spent 30 months lifting weight with a healthy diet that I could live with. I joined a gym, used it daily. Then at the turn of the century I weighed 280lbs. I am 6'3" tall, at that weight I was ripped & shredded. I then had to move a lot & 10 yrs. later I found myself at 460lbs and hated it. My life stabilized, home paid off! So I purchased free weights & machines now the gym is here in my home.

May of 2010 I began the battle again. I am currently at 330lbs and extremely muscular thanks to StimRX.

As I look at my progress in muscular bulk & physical strength I see a massive increase in my progress. I purchased this device 2 months ago & have seen a solid 50% gain in physical strength! WOW. Before using StimRX this was unheard of.

StimRX is an enhancement to any exercise program. It is not a replacement for hard work. If all you do is eat right and exercise light to moderately. Use StimRX & you will be amazed at the speed you will tone & define yourself.

My goal is nothing short of the maximum possible development without the use of steroids. I currently bench 300lbs and can squat small cars! My goal is a Greek god body and StimRX will assist me in that this device is powerful, start slow with low power. They say you need a high pain tolerance! I experience no more pain than pushing your muscles deep into the burn. If you increase power a little each time it cycles then it feels good even at high intensity. StimRX will rock your world! It will rock up your muscles beautifully. Both women & men will notice you!

John Beck


I received major support, very personal touch/caring and great service from this company.  For example, an employee telephoned me back to reassure me that I could use the Stim15R model with a lot of steel in my leg. (A competitor's representative said she did not know, but cautioned me to talk to a doctor to see if it is safe with so much metal in my leg - not very helpful or knowledgeable.)  This company's representative even helped me with my first settings.  "Larry, I used these setting, if that helps", having just gone through a knee replacement himself.   

Also, we received a gift of four cables gratis (to which the bid pads can be attached) in lieu of a missing electrical unit, which we bought at Radio Shack for less than $20.  

I researched the competition's specifications on the Internet, and found out that the Stim15R is the best on the market for Russian stimulation after my hip replacement.  The unit is durable, too.  Proved by me dropping it accidentally down from 4 feet to the floor.  Later I brought the Stim15R to two doctor's offices to double check my placements of the pads on my leg and hip, and on my wife's knees.  Both doctors were impressed with the machine, with comments like, "Wow, that is a good machine!  Where did you get it?"

My wife is using the Stim15R for her pain in her knees and I am using the Stim15R every day -twice a day- after a hip replacement to stimulate my muscles deep within my leg and hip.  Her pain is going down very fast after a few days of 30 minutes morning and night. We both love the unit: its simplicity, construction, and excellent directions.  It was quite intuitive to use, once we got over the hesitancy of the first settings for the Russian stimulation. ( We started with 10 seconds "on", 40 seconds "off",  2 (out of 10) intensity while being "on".  We now are doing 20 seconds on, 25 seconds off, and 5 [wife]-9 [me] intensity while being "on".  I have been using it for about two months. 

Larry Mills, 79 years young male living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


I have a brain cancer and the tumor landed on my motor strip, which disrupts the signals from my brain to my left side leg and arm .  My brain is unable to tell the muscles what do and to activate the muscles even when I am at rest. I bought a stimrx-8000 to supplement my physical therapy. This machine can do what I can't do with traditional weights, which is activate my muscles over a long time frame, so basically stimrx-8000 ends up replacing what my brain is suppose to do. The machine design is very elegant and simple to use and is an invaluable tool to help me with my physical therapy. I am very happy with how it is helping me so far.  Gary was also a pleasure to interact with on the phone.

Thank you for such a wonderful product.



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